We develop non-invasive solutions that optimize brain wellness.

Synapcis is the global pioneer in symbolic brain communication, circadian rhythm synchronization, and motion stability.
There is no other technology like ours in existence.

Synapcis has built, developed, and tested human-centric immersive software that addresses significant unsolved challenges in Space, Defense (all-domain), Human Performance, and population-level Wellness.

When the Circadian Rhythm breaks down, so do we.
Synapcis' groundbreaking work in harnessing the Circadian Rhythm is focused on a rapidly-changing society, where barriers to living at any age include quality of life, emotional balance, discomfort, and enjoyment.

We have created multiple world-first innovations: from software to mitigate and prevent the effects of brain fog and trauma, to a tool that invokes the brain's creative process for problem-solving.

Our Chronosynchronization applications are simple and quick to use, require no prior knowledge, understanding or physical exertion by anyone in order to receive full and lasting benefit.
We have built the world's first digital solution to cybersickness in spatial computing.
Our Motion Stability technology prevents and alleviates the effects of motion discomfort in head-mounted displays. 2-3 minutes use gives up to a week of stability in immersion and the real world.
Synapcis is led by founders Michael Moskowitz M.D. and Glen West.
Dr. Michael Moskowitz is one of the pioneers and world’s leading clinical authority in Neuroplasticity. The New York Times Bestseller The Brain’s Way of Healing is based upon Dr. Moskowitz’s research and spectacular career patient results. Formerly Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Pain Medicine, he taught at the University of California, Davis, St. Mary’s Medical Center, University of California San Francisco Medical School at Stanford University.

Glen West developed a software biohack in VR to reverse an incurable pain condition before swapping his career as a globally-recognized expert in the film industry to bridge the commercial, creative, and scientific needs of Synapcis. He has been a Managing Partner at estate and commercial rights management outfit UIMG since 2010.

Timing is Everything

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