We are a neuroscience biotech startup bringing you the ability to remake your own brain.

Synapcis, Inc.

Our revolutionary, direct-to-neuron technologies unleash real-time, deep Neurolearning.

This is not Science Fiction. This is now.

Synapcis fuses systems neuroscience with immersive reality. We harness neuroplasticity in real-time, rewriting the brain’s underlying processes to rapidly learn or unlearn at the genetic, molecular and cellular levels.

The world-changing neurolearning innovations we have developed address some of today’s major unsolved neurological challenges without the need for clinical intervention.

Our neuroscience team is led by co-founder Michael Moskowitz M.D., the pioneer and world-leading authority in the clinical application of neuroplasticity. His renowned work treating chronic pain is chronicled in the NYTimes bestseller, The Brain’s Way of Healing.

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